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Terms of Use For The Our Wedding Memories Service

General | Image Upload | Paid Listings | Free Listings | Visitor accounts and registration

1. General Advertising Terms

Listings within the regional areas are available only to UK based wedding photographers or videographers. If you provide a wedding related service but not as a photographer or videographer, then you may add a link to our links section here. All links within the links resource pages are only available where a link is added in return which meets the same criteria as our free listings. Details here

Any listings, both free or paid, as well as photographers profile pages which contain obscene, unsuitable or offensive material, text or images will immediately be removed from the system and the photographer in question banned from using the system in the future. Any paid listings deleted from the system due to obscene, offensive or unsuitable material will not be entitled to any refund.

Listings within the regional areas are displayed as follows:

  1. Enhanced listing on premium area page, including an image
  2. Standard paid listing on premium area page
  3. Free listings in exchange for a reciprocal link

All accounts can create a profile which includes blocks of text and up to 6 images.

When a visitor or photographer registers their details with us we will not use these details for any purpose other than the purpose for which the details were registered. However, we will contact registered users from time to time with details of system updates and improvements as well as details of new services we believe may be useful to our users. Registered users cannot unsubscribe from these e-mails as it is important that we can contact our users with details of these updates. If a registered user does not wish to continue to receive these messages then they may delete their account from the system and no further contact will be made.

There is however an unsubscribe option for certain enquiry notifications.

We never pass any details to third parties for any purpose.

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2. Image Uploads / Content

2.1) Where uploading images for use on a listing or profile, if these images have been taken by the photographer then there will be no issue with their use so long as the images meet the terms outlined below. Advertisers uploading images and adding text for use on a listing and within a profile, warrant and guarantee that each image, text, or other materials or content which you submit:

2.1.1) was created by you and is original to you or you have authority of the owner to use such image, text or content and does not infringe any other person's rights and have permission of any individual portrayed in the image to use such image.

2.1.2) does not contain any material which is or is likely to be offensive, indecent, unlawful, obscene, sexually explicit, drug or criminal-related, defamatory, degrading or otherwise unacceptable content or contain any falsehoods or representations that may damage Our Wedding Memories, the individual/s featured in the image or any third party.

2.2) If an image is used which wasn't create by you but you have the authority to use such an image, this authority must be provided to Our Wedding Memories / Dacan Internet Limited on request

2.3) Our Wedding Memories and Dacan Internet Limited shall be entitled to remove or take down any content which it believes is in breach of these terms at any time.

2.4) Our Wedding Memories and Dacan Internet Limited (We) shall not be liable for any third party infringement of the intellectual property rights in the content you add. We will not be responsible, or liable to any third party, for the content or accuracy of any content added.

2.5) Where a third party claims against Our Wedding Memories / Dacan Internet Limited (We / Us) for copyright infringement and this is found to be correct, any charges, fines or costs associated with such a claim will be the responsibility of the owner of the listing / profile. We will take action against the owner of a listing / profile to recover any costs incurred by Us in association with such a claim and any action will likely incur extra costs.

2.6) If you believe that any content shown on the Our Wedding Memories website is offensive, illegal or unacceptable, or otherwise does not comply with these terms and conditions, you are encouraged to report this to Our Wedding memories by using the contact facility on the website.

2.7) Please only use images taken by yourself for use on your listing and profile to ensure no copyright infringement takes place

3. Paid Listings

Paid listings within our regional areas are available only to UK based wedding photographers or videographers. If a listing is purchased for a service other than as a photographer or videographer the account and listing will be removed from the system. We will try to accommodate a listing in a relevant area elsewhere on the website such as in our links directory. If the service to be advertised is not relevant and no location can be found then the account and listing will be completely removed and no refund will be made

If a listing is purchased and found to link to a website which contains offensive or objectionable material, the listing will be removed and no refund will be made.

If payment by cheque is selected, no listing will be activated until payment has been made in full and cleared

All listings not renewed by an expiry date will be de-activated automatically from the system until payment has been made. Renewal notices will be sent automatically by e-mail up to 14 days before the expiry date.

Paid listings are displayed on the Premium regional pages as follows:

  1. Enhanced listings, including an image. These are displayed on a random basis allowing all enhanced listings equal time in the top positions
  2. Standard paid listing, again displayed randomly but below enhanced listings.

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4. Free Listings

Free listings within the regional areas are available only to UK based wedding photographers or videographers.
Free listings with a reciprocal link which meet the below criteria are displayed on a random basis on the free page of each individual region. The free pages follow the relevant premium paid pages and are linked to from the bottom of the premium pages.

Where a free listing is requested, a reciprocal link must be added to your own web site pointing to before your listing on is activated. Where there is only an active free listing on an account, these must be verified every 12 months. E-mail notifications will be sent out prior to a free listing expiring. Verification is to ensure the reciprocal link remains in place and it meets our criteria. Where there are also active paid listings on account, verification is not required.

All reciprocal links must meet the following criteria, but are at our discretion:

  1. The link must be within 2 clicks of the home page
  2. If our link resides on a page other than the home page, there must be a clear route of no more than 2 plain HTML links from the home page to the page containing our link.
  3. Our link must not reside within a frameset
  4. Our link must not be part of a Flash animation or only be accessible via Flash buttons
  5. If a domain name is forwarded to free web space, the link added to ourweddingmemories must go directly to the free url and not the forwarded domain
  6. Link must be a direct 2 way link, no three way links will be accepted
  7. The reciprocal link must be plain html and not coded in javascript or similar
  8. Only one free listing allowed per photographer/domain/web site
  9. Code and anchor text should be kept as close as possible to the code available on our Link to us page. Anchor text must include the words or phrases similar to 'wedding photographers', 'wedding photography'.

Please contact us as soon as your link has been added so that we may asses.

Click here for details of how to add a reciprocal link and to get linking code.

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5. Visitor Accounts and Visitor Registrations

Visitor accounts and registration are available free of charge for the sole purpose of contacting photographers regarding their services and requesting quotes or further details. The system must not be used for any other purpose and other activities will be dealt with harshly.

When registering for a visitor account via our Get A Quote facility either from the main 'Wedding Photography Quote' page or relevant county or town page you agree that our system will automatically send details of your enquiry to relevant photographers, including your email address and telephone number. Details of your enquiry will be logged on our system and be available to relevant photographers to retrieve at any time, until such time as they remove it from their account or you delete the enquiry.

Enquiries made via a photographers profile page will be sent only to the photographer in question and will not be distributed to others unless you expressly request this. Once an enquiry has been made via the photographers profile page you will be asked whether you wish to automatically contact other photographers. By agreeing to this you agree that our system will automatically send details of your enquiry to relevant photographers as above.

Please Note: These terms may change without notice so please check periodically. We will try to inform registered users when there is a change in the terms and conditions.