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Through the Looking Glass

29th May 2012 Our Wedding Memories

My inspiration

Since the first day I picked up an old film camera and pointed it at someone at a party, I began first an interest then an absolute passion for photography. That special alchemy of finding something individual in someone or something.  I love people photography and each wedding is unique, there is always a surprise and some lovely photo opportunities...

Decorating for a Wedding

22nd May 2012 Our Wedding Memories

So you want to know how to decorate your wedding. Weddings can be memorable for everyone involved. It is often the decorations many find their eyes straying to throughout the ceremony. It may seem odd but decorations are key to setting the ambiance of a wedding.

Size Matters

Depending on the size of your wedding and reception it will determine the...

Crystal bouquets, the perfect wedding compliment

18th May 2012 Our Wedding Memories

Crystal Bouquets by Tilly

Carol Clayton creates and designs bespoke wedding bouquets made using only the finest Swarovski Crystals.

A Crystal wedding bouquet is a perfect alternative to a floral bouquet, especially for allergy sufferers. Creating show-stopping designs that reflect style, personality and timeless elegance, Carol works hard with every bride to be providing unique quality...

Get the best from your wedding photographer

14th May 2012 Our Wedding Memories

How to get the best from your wedding photographer

A good wedding photographer will be working quietly in the background most of the time, but there are a few things you can do to get the absolute best from them.

Be a likeable client!

Just as you need to like your photographer,...

How to choose a wedding photographer Pt 2

8th May 2012 Our Wedding Memories

In part 1, I outlined the three questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a wedding photographer. This time I'll take you through the 14 questions I recommend you ask any photographer you are considering.

If we book you, will you be...

How to choose a wedding photographer Pt 1

8th May 2012 Our Wedding Memories

You have a huge number of decisions to make when planning your wedding, from the flowers to the all-important dress. Most of these decisions will only affect the day itself, but two of them will still matter in 20 years’ time: your choice of spouse, and wedding photographer.


Post-Wedding Blues ??? Pop your Dress on again...

8th May 2012 Our Wedding Memories

Many Brides experience a sense of 'loss' and even disappointment that so much planning, time & effort has ended so soon once their Wedding Day is over, so what better medicine than to pop your Dress on again, slap on the make-up, get your hair back into a WOW style and go shoot some 'fashion' type photos to celebrate how great you can look in your awesome Dress

Our American...

I Hate Having My Photograph Taken!

8th May 2012 Our Wedding Memories

Time and time again I'm told by brides and grooms that they are dreading having their photographs taken because they hate photographs of themselves. Let me try and put your fears aside and let you know that I have never had a bride and groom come back and say they hate their wedding photographs. Quite often I get replies like "I've...

A professional wedding photographer?

8th May 2012 Our Wedding Memories

With the revolutionary advent of digital photography over the last few years many couples have begun to see having a DVD of the images from their wedding as the ultimate in value for money and flexibility. As a final product it seems to have many advantages, not least that it is likely to contain a full set of photographs without having to choose which ones to keep, it allows the couple to...

Exotic wedding in The Gambia at Coco Ocean Hotel

3rd May 2012 Reel Life Photos
Just back from photographing my second wedding in The Gambia. This time was very different, as the couple were from Sierra Leone, so although they also held a cultural wedding these pics show their civil wedding day, which also included a church-style service by the pool. See more pics from this wedding on or if curious about a traditional Gambian wedding...